Is Free WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Are you looking for best free wordpress hosting services? Here we discuss advantages & disadvantages of using Free wordpress Hosting Services.

Is Free WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Yes, free WordPress hosting is a great option for those who are just starting out and not yet ready to invest in a premium hosting provider. Free services will allow your site to work on the World Wide Web, with no time limit, and also offer scalability options. But, where does the money come from to make all this worthwhile for hosts who offer free WordPress hosting? From the outset, it's important to note that I'm a little biased when it comes to the subject. I have never considered launching anything serious on a free hosting platform, and I'm not even talking about the free WordPress hosting platform, I mean free hosting as a whole.

I'm sure that free hosting must have advanced and improved a lot since my university days, when every computer network professor kept advising against any kind of free server and even had data showing the dangers of using such things. First things first, you won't find a free plan with companies that are pillars of the WordPress hosting industry. No SiteGround, no InMotion, no WP engine, etc. Basically, none of the companies that come to mind when you think of WordPress hosting offer a free tier.

And, sorry, I'm sure that all the free wordpress hosts listed here are amazing companies and that it's just my ignorance that I didn't know them before. I didn't want to make it look like any of the ones listed here are below normal. In other words, they are not random at all. When it comes to pleasant surprises, I have to give it to 000webhost and Byet.

The first because of its excellent registration interface compared to all other players. The latter is due to the speed of the configuration. Byet is the fastest zero-launch host on this list overall. InfinityFree beats 000webhost or Byte when it comes to panel experience.It will provide you with both the custom user panel and access to cPanel (more specifically, VistaPanel).

The latter makes InfinityFree easier to use than others. When it comes to the WordPress side, there's nothing to talk about, really. Each host gives you access to a standard WordPress dashboard where you can perform all the normal WordPress actions.So how does free WordPress hosting really compare to paid WordPress hosting when looking only at performance? However, at the same time, I wouldn't risk using it for commercial purposes, such as e-commerce, a branded site for a company or anything similar. Maybe it's just my point of view, but I just wouldn't trust my business to a host I don't pay money for.There is also the uncertainty regarding the ownership of the site that I mentioned above.

It's not the kind of stress I'm willing to deal with. Find out what other people think about free WordPress hosting.Are you looking for the best free WordPress hosting services for your startup? So, you've landed in the right place. If you are a beginner and are planning to start your own business, no matter what happens, creating a WordPress website will only make it grow bigger. And, to create a site, getting a web host is the first step.However, some of you might find it expensive to buy a web hosting provider.

Now, the big question is: Are free WordPress hosting services worth it? To be honest, if you are a student who is passionate about creating your company's website or even a professional with a small budget, free web hosting services are your best option.Below we mention the advantages and disadvantages of free WordPress hosting so you can be the judge yourself and choose according to your needs. Before we get into all the details and main facts, here is a brief introduction to each free WordPress hosting that we have listed below.Another top-ranked free WordPress hosting service is 000Webhost which apparently has millions of active users. It's a zero-cost web hosting with PHP, MySQL, cPanel and no ads. InfinityFree has been providing free hosting services for over 9 years with 400,000 active users making it one of the leading free hosting services with WordPress support.In addition, InfinityFree offers unlimited hosting which means there is no limit to the number of WordPress websites you want to host.

Not to mention you can use your own domain name or choose a free subdomain from more than 25 domain extensions.This award-winning free WordPress hosting is another great option to start your online journey as it is completely ad-free and easy-to-use platform providing an incredible experience online. AccuWeb Hosting is another recognized name when it comes to best free WordPress hosting service while most free hosting services come with additional banners or promotional ads AccuWeb Hosting doesn't have any such issues.Byethost is another name when it comes to providing free WordPress hosting services with free domain which maintains its own cluster hosting network providing user with powerful and load-balanced platform with high range of reliability and speed.Another important name when it comes to providing free WordPress hosting services with free domain is Freehostia which provides two types of accommodation - its chocolate plan which is basic hosting service and its own cloud hosting services which you can get for your site.Other than that managing hosting accounts has never been easier thanks to web hosting cPanel provides along with drag-and-drop site builder feature making process of creating your WordPress website smooth as butter.And that's all about best free WordPress hosting services so while premium WordPress hosting services might be better in terms of performance security scalability etc., if you're on tight budget then going for free option might be worth considering.

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